The top considerations before buying a bathroom vanity unit

The top considerations before buying a bathroom vanity unit

In every discerning owner’s home, the bathroom usually takes up a rather small space. Whether you are doing a total bathroom overhaul or merely doing a redesign, it is best to utilize space efficiently, including bathroom vanity units. When selecting a bathroom vanity unit, it needs to look good as well as being a match for each of your desired criteria.

Some might consider the process of selecting a bathroom vanity unit to be as simple as a, b, c. However, the choice you make should be accompanied by some serious thought. Take into account all that the unit has to offer, including but not limited to aesthetics and utility. In selecting the proper bathroom vanity, there are many aspects to consider. Let’s focus on the top considerations before buying a bathroom vanity unit.

Top factors to take into account when picking your bathroom vanity

  • Style

Vanities made in the traditional method usually consist of wood. They also come complete with a base that is similar to a console table. In contrast, modern styles of vanities include simple hardware, clean lines, and smooth textures. Reclaimed wood used to create bathroom vanity units in rustic style also lends them a unique, rustic finish. If you would prefer a softer finish, consider buying the coastal-style and cottage-finish units which are available in both distressed wood and pastel shading.

  • Location or placement

It is vital to position your bathroom vanity unit where it will not disrupt the traffic flow in your bathroom, especially for the shower door swings. You can visualize where the vanity will be placed and decide on whether it would be the right spot. Ideally, a tape measure will prove very handy at this stage. Your specific set of measurements allows you to pick a vanity unit that matches the spec.

  • Plumbing accessibility

For most bathroom vanity units, there is a hole at the back to allow for plumbing. You can also add a hole manually during installation if your unit didn’t come with one.

  • Mounting type

A majority of bathroom vanity unit designs feature the corner, freestanding, or floating models. Freestanding types are the most preferred for many customers. These vanities have legs that support most of their weight. They are also fixed to the wall for increased stability. An added advantage is the multiplied space for drawers, cabinets, and under-the-sink storage.

  • Potential users of the vanity unit

Always consider the people who will be using the vanity before picking out a unit. Also, keep in mind what the users will utilize the unit for. To allow for two people to use the vanity at the same time, you should consider the double vanity. For users who like to do their hair and makeup at the vanity, a unit with more counter space is advisable.


A well-designed and crafted bathroom vanity unit is an excellent addition to any modern bathroom aesthetic. Before you select an appropriate vanity unit, you should consider the style, potential users, mounting type, and location.