Pros and Cons of Panda Marble

by Jon

A most important benefit of panda marble is its heat resistance capacity. Panda marble has a unique design; its black and white color looks elegant. Their black and white lines give a natural feel. Panda marble gives a white background for home decoration, and the front things are with much bolder colors. Like black and white and brown.

Panda marble has been given this name due to its design and color, as the design exactly resembles the colors of a panda. This originated from china. China is now the biggest producer of panda marble, selling this all over the world. The black and white contrast of panda marble steals the hearts of customers.

Their fantastic design within these two colors is excellent. These are cheap in price and readily available in china. So the people who live there buy this stone very often. China also exports a large amount of panda marble every year. This essay is all about the pros and cons of panda marble. How do you need to choose the best stones for your house? This article is going to tell you all. So keep reading the article.

Pros and Cons of Using Panda Marble in Your Houses

Here, we give detailed information about the pros of using panda marble.


  1. The panda marble often gives a very bold look to your house. No matter in which part of your house you use this marble. Whether the kitchen or bathroom, it will give a brighter look to your home.
  2. Panda marble is highly efficient in heat resistance.
  3. It makes an elegant vein design or pattern that gives a beautiful overview of your home.
  4. The panda marble is present in exquisite designs such as cloud design. This design is perfectly white, while the minor and light-colored black veins make them incredibly heart-touching for viewers.
  5. Another famous panda marble design is the seamless marble texture. It is white, but the broad dark lines make them extra-ordinary beautiful.
  6. Panda marble has a reasonable sale rate because of its low cost.
  7. These marbles allow many designs, but the colors available are black and white.
  8. Panda marble has good water absorption capacity.


  1. These panda marbles don’t have varied color options. That is a drawback of panda marble.
  2. It has a highly porous nature. That’s why panda marble stains easily.
  3. If it is damaged, there is no way to repair it. The only way is to change the old panda marble with a new one.
  4. Marble is a highly porous stone. So you need to pay extra care and attention to your kitchen countertop, floor, and bathroom.
  5. Though it is stone that shows hardness, the stone gives an elegant look to your house, and this is the mean reason why people quickly get convinced to buy it for beauty purposes.
  6. The panda marble is more vulnerable to damage by knives and friction than granite. Granite is a hard stone rather than panda marble. But the cost makes it easy to buy.
  7. Spreading citrus and acidic liquids like orange, lemon juice, and tomato are wrong for marble life.
  8. Panda marble needs to maintain every month. Kitchen counters, floors, and bathrooms all need to keep monthly.


We told you in this article about every good and bad thing. Now you enable enough to choose a good stone for your house by reading the article.

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