Ideal Places to Use Panda White Marble

Ideal Places to Use Panda White Marble

Marble is a luxurious and beautiful stone used in interior and exterior spaces, with different variations, like the unique panda marble. Panda white marble features distinctive black lines against a white background, making the entire stone or slab stand out. The stone is scratch-free and perfect for high-traffic areas. Also, it comes with varying surface finishes like flamed or polishes for different customers. You can find this panda white marble on Alibaba, and some suppliers can tailor-make it to fit your requirements. Below are areas to apply your panda white marble.

Perfect areas where you can embrace your panda white marble

Most people use marble when building their homes or business premises. However, the focus is mainly on specific areas because many are yet to exploit the diverse possibilities. If you have been keen enough, you will realize that the most widespread application of marbles is in kitchens. However, there are more areas to exploit, and you will love the outcome. The white type of marble is both beautiful and dramatic, making it easy to fit in many places. Use it in these places to get a good view of the patterns and catch other people’s attention with marble.

Outstanding walls

Such walls include headboards, a TV feature wall, a dining room wall, or a fireplace wall. Massive headboards are the bedroom’s focal point and create quite a statement when finished with panda white marble. It may not be your first material option, but it can never go wrong if you appreciate modern touches. The TV wall is also an important area, and proper use of this marble stone elevates the living room’s interior design. Panda white marble is the perfect dining room and fireplace wall idea. They become the main design area and stand out well thanks to the marble.


Panda white marble is suitable for kitchen tops, bathroom vanity, office worktops, etc. Tops made from this stone make quite an impression and are simple yet sophisticated with bold black stripes. If you failed to use the marble on your bathroom walls, then the countertop is a great spot. The white background lights up the area, giving elegant and high-class vibes. Marble is easy to clean, so little effort is needed to keep these tops neat.


Are you wondering how you can use marbles to transform your floor? The lobby and staircase floors are perfect places to use panda white marble. Most people use these areas in commercial buildings or your house. Panda white marble floors are unique and stunning and are primarily found in contemporary or modern buildings. You want your guests to soak in and appreciate the great work and details within the marble stone.

In summary

Panda white marble comes as tiles or slabs for different uses. Alibaba features these fantastic pieces in ready-made condition, or you can have them made to your liking. Some are extra thin or light, depending on the look you are going for. Surfaces, floors, or walls finished with panda marble are elegant and can last for years since they are scratch-free.