How to get rid of dirt and stains on bathroom vanity

How to get rid of dirt and stains on bathroom vanity

Vanity sinks are frequently overlooked when it comes to ranking the essential home accessories. However, the importance of this item cannot be overemphasized as it serves as the perfect utility item in most homes. Vanity basins often get clogged and messy due to the fact soap and water is always flowing through the sink.

Asides particles from soapy water, other items that tend to stain the tub include; cosmetics, rust and even dust. Due to its essential nature, there’s a need always to keep the sink in good condition. However, many people do not know how to go about the maintenance procedure of the vanity basin; this article takes a look at some of those effective methods that can be employed to achieve a clean vanity basin in your bathroom.

Scrub with a soft brush

Bathroom vanities are of different materials and build; from porcelain to ceramics and metal sinks. However, one standard fixture is the fact that dirt stores on the surface of all of these materials. Such dirt could ultimately make the basin unattractive and prone to infectious substances. An excellent way to neutralize such dirt is by scrubbing the basin with a soft brush along with a mix of liquid soap and lukewarm water. It’s essential to cleanse the basin gently while dabbing the brush back and forth.

Erase stains on porcelain basins

Certain spots and stains are quite difficult to remove on vanity basins made from porcelain and other materials. These stains often prove resistant to casual scrubbing with a brush and the dent is usually noticeable from afar. Certain solvents are more than capable of removing such stains; one of such solvents is the baking soda paste. Applying a paste of baking soda and water with a scrubbing pad could make a lot of difference in your vanity basin.

Rid the drain of clogs

There’s likely going to be a large chunk of hair particles and other substances in the drain of the basin. Some of these substances can easily be sucked out while some others require more effort. There might be a need for you to dissolve via a mixture of baking soda, tartar and salt to get rid of these stubborn substances, pouring this mixture down the drain along with hot water ensures clogged up substances get dissolved in no time.

Continually ensure the basin is clear

There’s a need to ensure the basin stays clean; having gotten rid of all the dirt retained on the surface on the basin as well as those clogged up in the drain. Here are a few steps to help you achieve this;

  • Always rinse the basin immediately after use
  • Do not let hair strands and other particles wash down the basin as they can clog the drains
  • Ensure you have a duster to swipe dust now and then

Final thought

A sparkling clean vanity basin is a delight to the eye and could serve as the cynosure of all eyes in your bathroom. The need to keep these basins in premium condition should be a priority to have a good and clean bathroom space. This article highlights some of those maintenance practices that could help you achieve this goal.